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How We Define Success

Success is the intersection of your passions, strengths and what the world needs. However, finding this match can be complex in technology, where companies evolve quickly and roles are fluid.

Revel helps you by bringing together research on top companies, career tools, and great roles that will accelerate your career.

Career Tools

Stock Options Tool

  • Revel’s Stock Options tool models the value of your equity
  • Input variables like strike price, ownership percentages and exit valuations
  • Downloadable Excel file

Is it Time to Move?

  • Time to Move tool helps you understand if your career is on track
  • Think about key questions related to your career progress
  • Get your score to know when to start looking for a new job

Top Company Tool

  • Curated database of the best Silicon Valley companies
  • Each company segmented by growth stage and what that means to you
  • Check back as we’re constantly adding and removing companies, plus users are contributing their insights